Mac & Mia: My New Gig

Day 841: New year.  New job.

The last you heard from me, 2017 had just begun.  Rewind to the 2016 holidays, during which we were visiting family, planning Little Robbie’s first birthday party, and readying for Christmas, I was [semi-secretly] interviewing for a job I had my eye on…oh, all of last year.

And if we’re social media friends, you know that I now work at Mac & Mia as a Stylist.  Never heard of us?  Well, let me fill you in.

What we do is hand select kids clothing [sizes 0 to 6T] for each customer based on their own personal style and preferences.  Then, a curated box of items magically shows up on their door step.  Free shipping both ways, so our clients only pay for what they keep!  A rather simple, but genius concept, don’t you think?

Albeit, there are several kids clothing services at your fingertips these days.  But when I was a Mac & Mia customer, I stuck with their service not only for the ah-mazing clothes I couldn’t find anywhere else, but most importantly the personalization and interaction with my stylist [thank you, Kristin!].  I loved the thought that she was sending things with my baby boy in mind, for whatever occasion we were off to next. And now being on the “other side”, I get a front row seat as to why Mac & Mia is so special.

We’re a small company.  Small but mighty.  With buyers who seek out high quality vendors in the widest range of styles.  Each vendor with their own unique backstory, exceptional fabrics, and attention to detail.  This all sounds weird when referencing children’s clothing, I know.  But it couldn’t be more true!  As for the stylist team, we are almost all moms.  Women balancing the trials of motherhood while also maintaining a professional career.  So when you’re stressing because your son has school pictures next week, yet you have sports practice every night, and a huge meeting to prepare for on Friday…we feel you.  I can attest that each and every one of us is in this to help our customers.  Because we know that running to the mall with your three kiddos is the last thing on Earth you’d care to be doing.  That’s why we’re here.

And it is so fun.  For the first time in my career, I feel fulfilled by a job.  A combination of my passions rolled into one.  Many times I’ll catch myself thinking that my situation is just too good to be true.  But until then [if “then” ever comes around], I’ll just enjoy where I’m at.  Because I’m happy and loving every second of it.

So now for the fun stuff!  I of course want to spread the love to everyone I know, so for whoever is reading this, interested, or knows of anyone who would value our service, sign up!  And during sign up, enter my stylist code JESSK to work with me and receive an immediate $20 merchandise credit and waived styling fee on your first box so you can test us out without any risk.  Awesome, right?

I wouldn’t have begged to join this company if I didn’t truly believe in it.  So trust me when I tell you that our ridiculously convenient service is well worth it.  All you really have to do is get your little to try everything on [yes, I know that can be a lot to ask!].

So now you know where I’ve been these last several months.  And I’m still keeping hope that I’ll one day find more time to blog.  Because I do miss it.  But for now, I’ll stick with clothes 🙂

Cheers to all things pretty!