A Very Happy First Birthday!

Day 719:  The first year has come and gone.

In what feels like the blink of an eye.  But my oh my, what a blessed, blurred year its been!

Today, on December 20th, our little family of three is celebrating our sweet boys first birthday.  And it’s quite amazing to think back to just one year ago, when our lives changed forever at 9:27 PM.  I never could have imagined the burst of emotion when I first laid eyes on the little human who instantly became my forever love.

For those of you who know our Little Robbie, you’ll know he is the happiest, most laid back little boy.  Incredibly mild mannered, goofy and quite honestly, the easiest baby I’m sure we’ll ever be blessed with.  He eats [lots] when he’s supposed to, sleeps when he’s supposed to, and yes, even poops when he’s supposed to.  In my [biased] mom eyes, he can do no wrong.  And I will never take him for granted!

And as his mom [and dad agrees], he is the highlight of our lives.  Watching him grow and learn every day fills our hearts with a joy that only a parent could know.  I could watch him for hours as he studies the surface of a new toy, uses his chubby fingers to flip the page of a book [upside down], or shuffles his way around the coffee table with a mischievous grin to grab something he knows he shouldn’t.  And with each simple activity, my heart explodes.  Because I love this little being so much it hurts.  And everything he does is literally “the cutest thing ever.”  Parents, you feel me.

As our first born, the first birthday seems extra special.  So I, of course, had to throw a little get together for family and friends to celebrate!

And this last weekend, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and dear family friends traveled from all corners of the country to Chicago for the Flannel and Frosting birthday party.  Although the weather adjusted many of the travel plans, everyone made it safely to our home and the birthday weekend began!

The party was actually a pajama party [the “flannel” part of the theme], which most everyone participated in one way or another.  To keep the kids entertained, I made a fresh batch of sugar cookies, colored frostings, and sprinkles galore so the kids could decorate cookies for Santa.

I also whipped together a batch of The Polar Express Hot Chocolate [this was a HIT!], along with a bar full of toppings.

To top off the sugar high, I ordered an assortment of Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and even had a smash cake made for Little Robbie to dig into.  Albeit he didn’t exactly dig in, he did enjoy a few good handfuls of cake and icing!

All in all, I think we enjoyed the wonderful company and a “relaxed” night out during the holidays.  It’s very humbling to see a group of the most genuine people gather together for your child.  And seeing first hand the types of influences he has in his life, I will always be comforted by that thought.

Although this first birthday has brought a gamut of emotions, I will never be sad to celebrate another year that I have been blessed with my baby boy.  I love that little man more than I will ever be able to articulate and I so look forward to the many years I have yet to have with him.

Happy birthday, Love, and cheers to all things pretty!

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