Happy Father’s Day

Day 536: Happy Father’s Day, you dads you.

This year, we’re not only celebrating my own dad, but we’re also enjoying my hubby’s first Father’s Day. A very special day, in my book.

I’ve known of and dated/been married to my significant other for ten years this November. Crazy, right?? We like to joke he’s a creature of habit, averse to change, but as I reflect I’ve been honored to watch his growth, maturity, and evolution from a college grad, to a young professional, a fun-loving husband, and now an exemplary father. I realize I don’t shower him with enough praise for the attentiveness and care he has shown to me and our baby boy during these first six months of parenthood. But in reality, any words I can string together will never be enough to explain my gratitude for all that he does. Without complaint. And I know with the utmost confidence that our little guy has the most loving, generous, grounded father and role model a mother could ever ask for.

And now to the man who first stole my heart, my father. The man we are privileged to call Jiji.

Dad, you are a true inspiration. The perseverance and determination you have shown over the years is truly admirable and I’m certain not many people could go through what you have, come out the other side better than you started, and with a gleaming smile on your face. If one is familiar with our family, you know we are beyond blessed and fortunate to have my dad around to celebrate with. To laugh with. To make memories with. And my heart melts every time I see you with Little Robbie. Not a day goes by that I will ever take that for granted.


I love you more than I’ll ever be able to articulate. Your kind heart, easy nature, and infectious attitude. I never wonder why every person who crosses your path falls in love with your genuine personality. I am so proud to be your daughter, to be a part of this family. And I can’t wait for the many memories to be had with your little grandson. We love you so much, Jiji!