The Alaskan Wilderness

Day 243:  Anchorage, Alaska.

A place I’ve always wanted to visit but never thought I’d have an excuse to get me there.  Because if we’re being honest with ourselves, unless you’re an avid outdoors person Alaska probably doesn’t make your top 10 vacation spots.


But somehow, my dad rallied the troops together [our family plus some relatives] for a salmon river fishing trip in the Alaskan wilderness.  And a couple of weekends ago we jetset off to Anchorage!

We spent the first two days in Wasilla, which is where our fishing trip took place.  Each morning, the 3:00 AM alarm went off and we were out on the Little Susitna River at 4:30 AM sharp.  Because Ray [the guide] would have left us behind if we were late…

After we got used to Ray’s military-style fishing guidance, we all enjoyed the hours on the peaceful river filled with sounds of breaking water and laughter we just couldn’t contain.  The beauty and serenity of the Alaskan landscape was everything and more that you hear about.  And after 22 fish and 84 pounds of fillet later, we could all say we got the most out of our once in a lifetime fishing excursion!


The rest of the long weekend we spent in Anchorage, filling our days eating [a lot, like all Wakasugi’s do], checking out the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and even reconnecting with my dad’s high school friend at his house for a true Alaskan dinner.


All in all, this was a trip unlike any other and we will all have lasting memories we’ll never forget.  A big thanks to my papa for making this trip happen and allowing us all to spend quality time together that doesn’t come often enough.



Cheers to all things pretty [and wild]!