Personal Styling Services: Which is For You?

Day 433: I’m excited about this one, guys.

You may remember that I started Pumpkins & Peonies, a spin off from my first baking blog, to give myself the liberty to broach different topics, such as my travel experiences, cooking, and one of my true loves: fashion.

Trunk Club for Women

The Trunk Club…trunk!

I’ve done a couple of style posts here and there but haven’t delved into the subject as much as I’d like. But…I’m going to change that! Or at least attempt to.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become a huge proponent of the personal styling services out there. Even more so these days [#newmom] as finding time to shop hasn’t made it back on the list of to-do’s these days. And fortunately I’ve been able to try a good number of them, including Stitch Fix, Le Tote, and most recently Trunk Club [for Women].


Sweater: Equipment, $178; Jeans: AG, $168; Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, $445

In my [humble] opinion, the aforementioned three styling services are the most prominent, have the same overall concept, but also bare significant differences. And that’s what I’m here to tell you about!

All three services are genius in their own right, but play the game at different price points, quality of fashion items, and varying levels of personalization.  So in bullet points, here’s my synopsis:

Stitch Fix

The classic personal styling service for women of all ages!

  • Audience: Women
  • Styling Fee: $20 per box, which will go towards the item(s) you keep or becomes a sunk cost if you send everything back
  • Style Profile: At sign up, you will fill out an extensive style profile that stylists use to curate your box [but you can change this profile as needed]
  • What You Get: One [1] box containing five [5] pieces combined of handpicked clothes and accessories (jewelry and handbags) along with a styling card of outfits ideas for each piece
  • Frequency: You can choose to receive a box at a regularly scheduled time (e.g. monthly) or at your request
  • Item Prices: According to the Stitch Fix site, the average price point is $55. However, through your style profile you can increase or decrease the amount you’d like to spend on pieces.
  • Return Process: You get three days to try on items in each box, keep what you like, and send back what you don’t
  • Shipping Fee: Shipping is free! Each box contains a prepaid bag to send back any items you don’t wish to purchase
  • Perks: If you purchase all five items in your box you’ll get 25% off the total purchase
  • My Pros: Stitch Fix was one of the first styling services out there. The clothes are very affordable and they offer a few brands I really love [e.g. Sanctuary, Kensie]. They also give you an opportunity to provide specific feedback on each item you received.
  • My Cons: You get what you pay for. I selected a mid to high range price point but I found myself not happy with the quality of clothes I received. Therefore, my $20 was also going to waste in result. Second, I didn’t like that I received a new stylist with every box. Although the stylists supposedly read the feedback you provide, I felt like I was starting over every time and no one stylist really got to know me.


Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, $445

Le Tote

A clothing rental service offering every day style for the casual or career woman and expecting mothers. 

  • Audience: Women and expecting mothers
  • Styling Fee: $59-$69 per month, depending on the type of tote you select [i.e. classic or maternity]
  • Style Profile: At sign up, you’ll fill out a style profile where you can select celebrity styles you love, measurements, or colors and styles you don’t want sent. Then online or in the Le Tote app, you’re able to scroll through hundreds of tops, bottoms, jewelry, and handbags, and add them to your ‘closet.’ A stylist then selects items from your favorites to send to you.
  • What You Get: One [1] box containing three [3] clothing items and two [2] accessories handpicked from your closet favorites by a stylist. Wear every item as many times as you’d like before purchasing or sending them all back!
  • Frequency: Once you return a box, a stylist selects items from your closet and sends the box immediately. Essentially your styling fee covers an unlimited number of totes
  • Item Prices: Varied. You’re able to view prices of every item online or in the app, so you have total control of your budget
  • Return Process: You’re allowed to keep each tote as long as you’d like and wear every piece without the pressure of purchasing.
  • Shipping Fee: Shipping is free! Each tote contains a prepaid bag to send back any items you don’t wish to purchase
  • Perks: Le Tote members receive discounted prices on items, which are reflected on the site or app. Members can also receive $15 referral credits.
  • My Pros: I loved how I was able to keep the totes as long as I wanted and wear all of the items without feeling the pressure of having to purchase. I especially took advantage of this service during my pregnancy! It was so great getting new maternity items almost every week and also not having to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes I’d only be wearing for a short time. This service was a definite money saver for me! Also, compared toStitch  Fix, the quality of items and offered brands [e.g. Free People, Splendid, and Sam Edelman] was much better, so I felt like I was getting more out of my monthly styling fee.
  • My Cons: This is a clothing rental service, so odds are you’re wearing something that’s already been worn before. Also, the styling fee is a good chunk of money that doesn’t get applied to any purchases.


Sweater: St. John Collection, $495; Jeans: AG, $168; Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, $445

Trunk Club (for Women)

A high end, highly personalized styling service sourced entirely from Nordstrom. 

  • Audience: Women at all stages in life; however, Trunk Club originated as a men’s styling service so check that out, too!
  • Styling Fee: None. You only pay for what items you keep!
  • Style Profile: When you sign up, you’ll fill out a short profile of measurements. Then, a stylist will contact you via phone/e-mail to learn more about you, your style, and what you’re looking to get out of the service.  Before each trunk is sent, you’re able to review every item and remove anything you definitely don’t want.  This is also your opportunity to let your stylist know if you’d like to see less or more of something.
  • What You Get: Literally a [cardboard] trunk full of an assortment of clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories. The number of items varies but you’ll typically receive an average of 15 pieces.
  • Frequency: Trunks are only sent at your request, but you are able to set up scheduled deliveries [e.g. monthly, quarterly] if you like.
  • Item Prices: Prices vary but you can expect jeans to cost $170-$250 a pair, shirts are $100-$200, and sweaters $100-$300 each.  Shoes, handbags, and jewelry are all designer but you can provide price points to your stylist for every category.
  • Return Process: You have ten [10] days to try on all of the clothes before purchasing or sending back
  • Shipping Fee: Free! Every trunk contains a prepaid shipping label and when you’re ready to return the trunk, you schedule a UPS pickup via the app or your stylist.
  • Perks: You receive a $50 credit for every friend who signs up and spends $50
  • My Pros: Of the three styling services I’ve tried, I felt like I got the most personalized experience with Trunk Club as the stylist sticks with you your entire tenure [unless you request a new stylist].  This service is looking to truly build your wardrobe so you have the ‘basics’ but will also send a few items you wouldn’t think of trying on.  I also received extremely high quality, coveted items from brands I adore. And although I’m spending more on pieces, they’re lasting clothes I won’t just wear once! Plus, there are zero fees for requesting a trunk.  Lastly, if you’re looking for items for a specific event, you can tell your stylist and they’ll send you entire outfits for the special occassion!
  • My Cons: Items can be pricey.


rag & bone, $325

In summary, each of these styling services have their own benefits depending on what you’re personally looking for.  Oh, the joys of customer centric businesses!  Hopefully these overviews have helped you understand each of them, got you excited for this convenient option, and maybe you’re already signing up as you read?!  Hey, a girl can dream.

Please leave any comments or questions below for more information or opinions on these services.  I’ve loved each unique experience and would love to share more.

Cheers to all things pretty!

P.S. all of these pictures are from my first trunk from Trunk Club for Women.  These are only a few of the items my stylist sent.