TWD Baking with Julia: Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

.  Mmm it’s good to be back.

Back to Tuesdays with Dorie, I mean.

I have been anything but consistent with my TWD posts, so I’m glad I’m finally getting back to it. After all, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything out of the Baking with Julia cookbook that won’t blow your mind.  True statement.
So let’s get into these cookies.

I’ve never made any type of cookie with coffee and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.  I’m an avid coffee drinker [grande Veranda blend from Starbucks is my morning routine] and obviously I love a good ol’ cookie.  So putting those two things together only seems right.  Right?
You bet!
These cookies were beyond delish [and I use the past tense because they’ve definitely been cashed already].  The cookie dough base itself is scrumptious.  Buttery scrumptious.  And the hint of coffee [a.k.a. mocha] in the cookies only exacerbates the three types of rich chocolate chips studded throughout the crispy-edged, chewy cookie.  And yes, I said three types of chocolate chips.  Just imagine biting into a cookie and having chunks of dark, milk, and white chocolate dancing across your taste buds.  Uh, YUM.  This is one of those recipes that has indeed been mastered.  So don’t mess with it.

And now that I’ve convinced you [or scared you away] of the perfection of this recipe, head on over to our host for this month, Galettista, to get the Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  Do it!  .  

My Notes:

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  • Keepin’ it real, if you don’t like coffee you more than likely won’t like this cookie.  The coffee flavor isn’t overly powering but it’s definitely there.
  • I opted to skip the apricots in the cookie but I think it was more because I was lazy.  Feel free to use them if you’d like though!
  • You most definitely don’t have to use three types of chocolate but I do think it makes the cookie that much more exciting.  But to make it easier, use what you have on hand.